Odinma Limited

Odinma Limited is a web consultancy, specialising in creating unique bespoke web applications that helps business work smarter, not harder.

No matter the size of your business, or project, Odinma Limited can help you harness the power of the Internet more effectively.

We strongly believe in Open Source solutions and encourage them whenever and wherever possible.

Software Consultancy

We are passionate about driving and improving standards to deliver high quality and robust software. We have an excellent track record in delivering robust technical solutions. We have a willingness to be flexible in order to meet client expectations. We are able to collaborate with project managers, product owners and directors to gain insights into functional and non functional requirements and provide technical insights into business queries. We have consulted for some of the largest companies on the planet - General Electric (GE), PwC, Zonal Retail Data Systems, Manheim Lead Management, Which? an more...

Software Consultancy

Not only do we cater for Enterprise level businesses, but we also have affordable scalable solutions for small to medium size companies.

Our software consultants can help you identify barriers to a more profitable business.

Rest assured that when you have a solution developed by odinma Limited, it is one that is capable of growing with your business.

Always willing to help

We are a consultancy that loves to communicate. We will work with your organisation to ensure that we meet all your requirements.

Benefits of using our consultants

Our consultants

Over 17 years of commercial expertise in enterprise level application development.

We Work With You

Our consultants can also work independantly, or with your existing sftware team to help assist them in the full software development life cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

We specialise in TDD, BDD, Agile project management,(Scrum and Kanban). Through Pair Programming, we can share our knowledge with your team.

Our People

Meet The Team

We have a dynamic team, come and meet them!

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